People are getting busier by the year. We stretch ourselves thin with activities, and then get frustrated because we feel there is barely any time to cook or clean. One solution to our time crunch is to hire a residential cleaning service. However, as cleaning is not commonly outsourced like cooking is (e.g. takeout), so people sometimes wonder if they are making the right decision. It’s going to be a choice based on your finances, priorities, and needs. If your budget allows, hiring a residential cleaning service regularly or even occasionally can have benefits you never imagined. Here are 15 top reasons:

1. More Family Time

For many parents, most days are a rush between the home and the workplace. When we get home, we eat, check on the kids’ homework, and get the kids to bed. That leaves the rest of the night for household chores including cleaning. On lucky weeks, we squeeze in evening sport/social activities. On busy ones, some of us even spend all day Saturday or Sunday cleaning.

Now, we aren’t suggesting that you live in filth, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could spend some of that time relaxing with your family? Sure, it would. If you hire a residential cleaning service, you can spend time doing what you love with your loved ones, rather than scrubbing showers and toilets.

Even if you do not have a spouse or young children at home, you can benefit from having more time to spend on the things you enjoy. Cleaning is usually not in anyone’s list of favorite activities. With chores out of the way, you could catch up with friends, work on a hobby or go on a date. The possibilities are endless.

2. Teaches Children Good Habits

Hiring a residential cleaning service means that you have placed having a clean home as a top priority. You want to ensure that your home is clean and ready for your family. Your kids will see that cleaning is a priority. Moreover, most customers who hire residential cleaning services would make an effort to put their personal items inside the drawers, so “their stuff” is out of the way when the cleaners arrive. Hence they leave the home tidier for the most part. This act demonstrates to children that they need to put their personal belongings away after use.

Hygiene can also improve when someone is hired to clean. While the crew are not caretakers of your kids, the emphasis on cleanliness will often trigger children to consider their own cleanliness; therefore, they will take better care of themselves.

Additionally, by interacting with the cleaning service and crew, your children will see real-world applications of manners when paid employees or service workers are concerned. They will watch your interaction and see how to treat people and what types of behaviors are acceptable. Since many cleaning services employ diverse employees, this may also allow children to watch their parents’ interactions with people who look or live differently. Cleaning habits are great, but manners can usually take them further than a clean space.

3. Decluttering Is Easier

Decluttering spaces is a dreaded task at the top of many of our lists. We do not have time because the house cleaning, child-rearing, and adult activities take precedence. If we can eliminate house cleaning, we can often spend that time decluttering.

In addition to time, we also find that decluttering is simply easier when we do not have to think of the larger cleaning tasks. Moping and sweeping aren’t looming over our heads, so we can now concentrate on decluttering. Likewise, spaces are cleaner, so the task becomes less messy. We also have a team in place to continue cleaning while we declutter. We can tackle more spaces this way.

4. Charitable Giving

When we declutter, we often donate to charities or give to people in need. Charitable giving is an advantage that comes only after decluttering. For this reason, we list it as a result of the decluttering. Charitable giving does not have to mean donating to the local reseller (like Goodwill or local ministries). Other options are to fundraise for causes or donate to shelters, including those for battered families, clothing closets at college campuses and universities, and group homes.

4.1 Empathy

A subset even of charitable giving is that children get to see you doing things for others. They see that when you have more than you need, giving to others can be uplifting for both parties. When children see this, they see that people in need have value. One act of hiring a residential cleaning service can lead to several benefits in a chain reaction.

5. Health

We spend many hours cleaning residential houses and apartments, most of the time trying to eliminate dust and dirt. While we do a fantastic job with any equipment, the equipment we purchase for home cleaning just does not stand up to industrial grade equipment. Additionally, professional cleaners spend their professional development hours learning new cleaning techniques, products, and treatments that are effective yet safe for you and your home.

Additionally, professional residential cleaning services has a plethora of products for use in various tough situations e.g. a heavy duty move out. More grime busting prowess and potent bacteria-killing formulas are required to tackle the job sometimes. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance when the professionals arrive.

6. Fewer Chores = Less on Your Mind

When you hire a residential cleaning service, you can stop feeling stress about the home being cleaned properly. You can also sleep restful knowing that your schedule is freed up to do the things you love. Exercising and playing with your children can also help with health and destressing. Spending time outdoors helps people relax and feel better. It is so much nicer knowing that you have one less thing to worry about doing.

7. Lowers Injury Risk3

Regular housework involving sweeping, moping, bending, and reaching can become painful and difficult with the wrong tools and methods. Especially when cleaning corners, ceiling fans, high windows, behind furniture and tight spaces.

Although housework can be great exercise for seniors, they put themselves at much higher risk of injury if they over-exert themselves. From throwing out their back, developing a hernia, or slip and fall — any accidental injury can have serious consequences for seniors. Even though you may not be in this risk category yet, hiring someone who knows the safe way to clean your home can alleviate those concerns. If you have seniors living with you, they will also be less likely to attempt to do things that could cause physical harm. The risk of physical injury is no longer on your shoulders.

8. Pristine Bathrooms

If you are a parent of a young child, you know they are messy – cleaning up around toilets for potty training is no fun. The grime and grit can be difficult to get rid of on your own. Now, you don’t have to ask everyone on Facebook how to get your showers clean. Residential cleaning service utilize processes make it possible to restore tile and grout that is looking a little dingy and remove any stains without scrubbing for hours. You also do not have to worry about the messy adult in the house getting the bathroom all yucky. Residential cleaning services are here to take over the job of keeping those bathrooms clean.

9. Always Guest Ready

How many times have you had someone pop over for a moment, and you are embarrassed because you haven’t gone through the junk mail in a few days or the dust on the lamps is a little too thick. You can rest assured that surprise guests won’t see that you have been busy with a residential cleaning service.

10. Fewer Supplies in the Cabinets

No more cabinets will be overflowing with what seems like a thousand cleaning supplies. You can keep a few bleach wipes, stainless steel wipes, and basic supplies for emergency spills and messes. You can use that space to store other things that need to stay out of the way but ready when needed.

11. Lowers Risk of Furniture Damage

How many of us have used the wrong cleaner on something and stripped the wax from floors, protective coating from tables, or discolored a curtain. We do not have to worry about this with professional residential cleaning services. Sometimes, we have trouble remembering what is safe to use on which pieces of furniture or flooring. Professional Residential cleaners are well versed in all of this. There is no more remembering to read the labels or costly mistakes.

12. Reduced Allergens

Because professional cleaners clean deeper, allergens such as dust and pet dander are heavily reduced in the air and on surfaces in your home. You can breathe easier with the right residential cleaning service. They have a higher standard of cleanliness than most people, so residues and dust are rarely left behind. Now, you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time chasing down air-borne allergens.

13. Decluttered Mind

With less to worry about, there is less taking up space in your mind. It is easier to focus on other things at hand when you do not have to worry about cleaning, purchasing appropriate products, and getting rid of allergens. You can take more time to worry about the larger home needs because this one will be handled for you.

14. Decreased Anxiety

Anxiety is often exacerbated by clutter, dirt, and untidiness. This increased anxiety is sometimes the one thing that takes hold in the forefront of one’s mind. There may be a thousand other things happening, but the clutter is distracting. Since you are able to declutter and have someone else clean, your mind is free to focus on the things that you need to handle rather than the state of your home.

15. Increased Value and Deposit3

If you are buying your home, a professional residential cleaning service can often help raise the value of your home. First, when potential buyers come to look at the home, they will see the cleanliness. Second, they are taking better care of your surfaces, so replacement time is extended, and if you are selling, the buyer will see well cared for surfaces.

If you’re moving out of your apartment or renting out your condo unit, a professionally cleaned home is important. Tenants and landlords can still benefit from using a cleaning service company either to get a full deposit back to quickly rent out a unit.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of benefits to paying the professionals if we think of every aspect of our lives that can be improved. However, these are some of the most important things we learn and do by using a professional residential cleaning service. Be sure to check out any service you want to hire. Services are required to do background checks, and most try to find the best and brightest. You can rest assured that not just anyone will be in your home. We look forward to hearing from you. If you require residential cleaning services near you, check us out.