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Our 100% Happiness Guarantee ensures that you receive the best cleaning experience. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of service, let us know and we’ll come back to re-clean at no extra cost.

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How to get started — just go to our website and tell us your relevant information and how big your home, apartment, or house is. With our seamless booking process, CleanMyTribe will then connect you with top rated home cleaning services to help with your busy schedule.

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With Every Carpet Clean

Cleaning’s no fun. It’s time-consuming, dirty, and can involve bruised knees and back pain. Luckily for you, we love to clean. From mopping to polishing, our amazing teams provide quality home cleaning services you can count on.

We know you’re a busy person. You don’t want another cleaner, you want time to do the things you love. Book online in 60 seconds – no hidden fees, no surprises and super easy scheduling. Get your day and knees back! 

Customize Your Service

Use our checklists to ensure no spots are missed, or chat directly with your cleaner for special requests.

Our move in/out cleaning service is perfect for preparing the homes for new tenants/owners, homes needing extra care, or getting your deposit back.


  • Empty bins
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Dust & wipe down surfaces
  • Clean cobwebs
  • Clean light switches and doorknobs
  • Dust furniture
  • Clean window ledges
  • Straighten up knickknacks
  • Clean hallways, staircases
  • Quick de-clutter of floors
  • Wipe down electronics
  • Ceiling fans & aircon vents detailed
  • Detailed skirting boards
  • Detail all doors and door frames
  • Clean inside cabinets, drawers & shelves
  • Inside windows


  • Clean all surfaces
  • Scrub toilets
  • Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
  • Clean sinks
  • Rinse and wipe bathtubs
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean inside cabinets, drawers and shelves


  • Wet wipe outside of fridge
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Wipe down outside of appliances
  • Clean sink
  • Clean stove
  • Wipe down outside of oven
  • Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
  • Clean range hood & filters
  • Clean inside oven
  • Clean inside cabinets, drawers and shelves

  • Move-in/move-out cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside fridge
  • Inside oven
  • Interior windows
  • Washing dishes
  • Wet wipe blinds
  • Spot clean walls
  • Carpet steam cleaning

Here’s what Battle Ground residents are saying about us…

“You guys did such a great job, thanks so much. There was NO dog hair in sight and with two dogs and a long hair cat, that’s a HUGE accomplishment. The floors are clean and the ceiling fans are beautiful! Thanks to Jose and his team, for bravely entering my dirty house an…”

Beatrice C., West Lafayette, IN

“Awesome cleaning service. My family uses this service as a bi weekly/monthly kind of thing for extra cleaning. They’re awesome and trustworthy. My mom is generally the type to check on things constantly to make sure you get everything clean enough, but she definitely does not have to with them! ”

Cyndi S.

“The guys on live chat were super friendly and helpful and were able to schedule a move out cleaning for the following day with no problem.

Myria arrived on time and went straight to work, she was friendly and fast! The place looked like new in no time. We got our security deposit back no problem.”

Cynthia H., West Lafayette, IN

“ I was out of town and the person who subleased my apartment needed to move-in in 3 days. Not only were you guys able to clean my apartment in a rush, you also sent me pictures of my apartment showing what a great job you did. Blown away by the customer service. You guys are the best…”

Keith L., Lafayette, IN

“It worths every penny we spent! The CleanMyTribe ladies worked super fast and cleaned every corner inside out just I instructed. Really appreciated! Our kitchen is finally not greasy and messy. Their website is also easy to use; just added monthly recurring service on my online account”

Wang MS.
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Carpet Cleaning Services in Battle Ground

Carpet floorings look incredible and feels comfortable on your feet. Unfortunately, these soft floors can accumulate enough dust to affect indoor air quality! Your carpets could be the primary reason behind your ‘allergies’. Most carpet manufacturers recommend performing a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year.

Although you can easily rent a consumer-grade carpet cleaner at a low cost, but they lack the same cleaning prowess to cleanse your carpets properly. Some rental carpet cleaning units may even cause damage to your carpet fibers because they do not have sufficient suction to remove the moisture. Book a clean carpet today!

Battle Ground Carpet Cleaning

CleanMyTribe offers extensive carpet cleaning services and move out cleaning. We have skilled and professional carpet cleaners on board who take pride in the services we offer. Our carpet cleaner uses a hot water extraction method.

First, your carpet professional analyzes the condition of your carpet and selects the appropriate cleaners for it. Second, we pre-spray to loosen tough stains on your carpets before we start shampooing. All our shampoos and scrubs are carpet-friendly and non-toxic. These are safe for households that have small children or pets. Lastly, we shampoo and dry the carpets using powerful suction that leave the carpet soft and fresh-looking after a few hours.

You can book an appointment with us right now in 60 seconds. Our representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you have a busy schedule, we can arrange timings according to your preference (even nights and early mornings). Get clean carpets today!


Carpet Cleaners in Battle Ground

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Battle Ground Carpet Cleaning

Battle Ground is a mid-sized town in Indiana. The history of Battle Ground dates back to the time when General Harrison and his army defeated the Prophet’s Indian Confederation in the Battle of Tippecanoe. Battle Ground was initially merged with the town of Harrisonville and was later renamed Battle Ground. There are several well-maintained historical sites in the area.

Tourists also love to visit the township for its famous Wolf Park. Wolf Park offers private tours and howl nights all year round. The park even has a research facility for scientists to work for the betterment of local wildlife.

The town is peaceful, and people prefer it for residence because the cost of living and housing here is reasonable. If you ever get a chance to visit Battle Ground, we highly recommend visiting Prophetstown State Park, Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum, Heron Island, and the TC’S Restaurant and Tavern.

We clean carpets in Battle Ground, West Lafayette, Lafayette and the entirety of Tippecanoe County.

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