I’m all for finding new and effective ways to get our client’s house clean and germ-free. For the longest time, before I started my cleaning business, I’ve been using good old elbow to clean at home because I thought that was the only way to safely and effectively get my home clean. But, my most recent search led me to find some awesome hacks that could save you a lot of time and energy but and still give the home the deep clean it deserves.

Here, are 3 awesome cleaning hacks that will simplify and change the way you clean your home. No harmful chemicals needed!

#1 Use A Pillowcase For Dusting Your Ceiling Fans


wood ceiling fan in the bedroom

We shared this tip in a previous blog post. Now, dusting your ceiling fans just got a lot less messy! Cover a ceiling fan blade fully with an old pillowcase. Carefully slide the pillowcase across the fan blade, the dust will fall into the pillowcase and not on your floor. Repeat for each blade.

#2 Clean Your Microwave With Just Lemons


Lemon Slices In Water For Cleaning Purposes

All you need is a lemon(or lemon juice). Place a few slices in a bowl of water and zap for 3 minutes. Let it sit for another 3 minutes and wipe the insides. Using lemons to clean your microwave is a great alternative to store-bought green cleaners. The acid from lemons will disinfect the microwave, and the steam will loosen up any tough, sticky particles inside the microwave.

#3 Soak Shower Head In Vinegar


Shower Head Cleared Of Limescale Deposits

Fill a small plastic bag(check for holes) with white distilled vinegar and tie it around your shower head. Ensure nozzles are entirely submerged in vinegar solution. After letting it sitting overnight, all of the mineral deposits, dirt and grime should have dissolved! Just remove and rinse off.

For more easy cleaning hacks, please check out this video on Youtube.