This post may be long overdue for winter here in Greater Lafayette! In many homes, we’ve noticed the thermostats being turned up to the highest setting possible in the mornings in order to keep the cold drafts at bay. I know we get blasts of freezing temps and it’s tempting :D to simply turn the heater up but this doesn’t help the room become warmer any quicker. Instead, you heat your home to a much warmer temperature and receive sky-high energy bills plus many discomforts due to the dry air.

Consider these five easy ways to ensure you stay comfortable and cozy all season.

Draft stopper


Source: Garden Therapy

A draft stopper blocks cold air and slows heat loss. Bonus: Draft stoppers also minimize light and sound from coming in under doors.

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Open those shades and blinds in the day

Even on cold days, the sun is warm. Let the light shine in to capture as much of that free heat as possible.

Keep drapes closed at night.

Once the sun goes down, you want those curtains closed to keep all that heat from leaving through the windows.

Close doors to rooms you don’t frequently use

Make sure to close the vents in those rooms too. The less area to cover, the quicker warm air is distributed. One client, a grad student who rents rooms in his home out to fellow students shared a tip with me – whenever a bedroom wasn’t leased or a roommate was away on exchange, he closed those doors and vents; saving about 25% on energy bills.

Run ceiling fans in reverse


In summer, you want your fans to push cold air down which makes you feel cooler. In the winter, ceiling fans should rotate at a low speed in reverse to draw cold air up. The updraft pushes warmer air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, down along the walls and back to you. While this technique should work in standard sized rooms, it works especially well if your home has vaulted or tall ceilings since people occupying the space are further separated from the warm air collecting in the ceiling. On most fan models, there is a toggle switch that reverses the direction in which the fan blades rotate. Remember to adjust your thermostat when using your ceiling fan.

Utilize these 5 ways to ensure it’s toasty the rest of winter. For an even more enjoyable and relaxing winter season, hire a Lafayette Home Cleaning Service