I’m not talking about just one-man cleaning companies you see on classified ads. Even large nationwide maids and cleaning franchises (merry maids, molly maids, the maids….) badly need an upgrade. The maid service industry has been old-school, fragmented, offline, inefficient, and dominated by franchisees for too long. Over here in West Lafayette & Lafayette, IN, many apartment cleaning services:

  • Require clients to call or setup an in-home visit for a quote. then give quotes they don’t stick to
  • Lack transparency/accountability. Few, if any, list their prices online
  • Provide no guarantees
  • Require customers to have their own supplies and/or equipment
  • Do not allow on-demand booking/rescheduling
  • Underpay their maids/cleaners
  • Take payment in check/cash only
  • Customer service…what customer service?

Sounds familiar? Scheduling an apartment cleaning is harder than it needs to be.

While still a Purdue student, my co-founder and I have noticed how hard it was to make an appointment with a cleaning provider. We were looking for an “uber-like” solution, and there were none. It was even more difficult to find a professional, consistent and reliable cleaning service provider in the area. A mutual friend found someone to clean their apartment for cheap, only for her cleaner to no-call no-show on the day she was to move out. Other stories we’ve heard include being charged a final price that was much higher than was agreed on during the in-home estimate, maids/cleaners rushing to complete a move-out cleaning service, customer service was abysmal…apartment cleaning was half-done…etc. The list just goes on. There were so many things we found appalling.

In 2017, we decided to start a cleaning company focused on creating a user-experience that demands as little of you as possible, while maintaining the consistent and quality apartment cleaning you deserve. Hence, CleanMyTribe was born.

CleanMyTribe doesn’t operate like typical local cleaning companies. Instead, we offer increased flexibility, meaning that you get to determine how often you’d like your home to be cleaned and when. We made it possible to schedule your service online and manage it through your personal account. Our clients absolutely love the convenience of booking, tracking, paying and giving feedback for their cleanings online.

Since May 2018, our team and a few clients have started beta testing the CleanMyTribe app. Stay tuned while we work on improving your Lafayette House & Apartment Cleaning Service experience. Scheduling your apartment cleaning service will be even easier, test the app here: Android or iOS

In 2020, we started offering apartment cleaning in Indianapolis and cleaning services in Fort Wayne, Indiana. House cleaning, maid services and apartment cleaning is made more convenient today with modern technology. We wish to bring the best apartment cleaning experience to you anywhere in Indiana.