If you are like me, every once in a while, you need to to pick up a microfiber towel and clean up your home more than the usual surface cleaning around the house. I would usually break this into separate cleanings so I don’t get too tired. I have included links to green cleaning products we actually use in our business so you can deep clean safely in your home too. Be sure to remove any clutter before you start on an area.

Simple System for Deep Cleaning Your Home in Under One Week:

Monday – We shall attack the windows and blinds first. The easiest way to clean blinds is with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. However, it can be hard to get between the blinds sometimes and that’s when we use a blind cleaning tool. For smaller blinds, wrap a dry microfiber cloth around your finger and wipe gently to avoid cutting yourself.

As for windows, we have found a method that work wonders on glass without any streaks. Hold a damp microfiber cloth in one hand and a polishing cloth on the other; wipe window pane with the damp cloth and immediately dry with the polishing cloth.

Tuesday – Next are the lights and ceiling fans. A duster works really well to clean these items but we would have dust all over our bed and floors afterwards. The trick is to find an old pillow case, place it over a fan blade and wipe down. Use a damp cloth for light fixtures.

Wednesday – Bathroom time. We start with cleaning the shower head: this might require some hard scrubbing with an old toothbrush depending on when you last cleaned it. Next pour some toilet bowl cleaner around the toilet and let it sit for 10 minutes. While waiting, empty the counter top and clean with all-purpose cleaner. Take extra effort to polish your faucets with a microfiber towel for that amazing shine! Then place everything back neatly on the counter top. Last step, scrub your toilet and flush it. Tadah!

Thursday – Kitchens require extra time due to grease. Start with your fridge. Wipe the exterior, the handles and on top. If the interior is dirty, take everything out and use all-purpose cleaner with a sponge. Your microwave is next. Remove the glass tray and wash with warm water and soap. Clean the insides of your microwave. Finally, take everything off the counters and clean with all-purpose cleaner.

Friday –  Bedrooms. When working on our clients’ bedrooms, we usually find a layer of dust on the headboards and above the dressers. You can clean these areas easily with your vacuum brush attachment.  Don’t forget to de-clutter/organize as you clean.

Saturday – Baseboards and floors. First, vacuum all areas in your home. We have found the microfiber wet mop to be the fastest and most effective tool to clean floors. Combined with this amazing floor cleaner, you should get the kitchen floors done in less than 10 minutes.

Sunday – Rest well. you deserve it! Enjoy your fresh and clean home! If you need some help with home cleaning, we’re here for you :)

*Tip: You can find Better Life green cleaning products for under $5 on Target or Amazon.