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Do you offer…?


We offer house and apartment cleaning services with carpet cleaning available as an optional add-on. Our list of services include: House cleaning. Apartment cleaning. Move in & Move out cleaning

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How CleanMyTribe works?


CleanMyTribe is one of the leading providers of home cleaning services in the Greater Lafayette area. There is no easier way to schedule professional home cleaning. Book Service in 3

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What is included in a standard cleaning service?


Every cleaning is a thorough cleaning. Our standard service takes into account everything that involves cleaning a home or apartment. Cleaning/vacuuming floors, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dusting, etc. We do

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Do you service my area?


If you’re in West Lafayette or Lafayette IN, absolutely. If you're in the Tippecanoe county area, certainly. If we can reach your home within 20 minutes of West Lafayette or Lafayette

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Do you bring your own supplies?


We bring all of our own supplies for the home cleaning service, including vacuum cleaners and a step-ladder. If you have a specific solution or tool you'd like us to

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How much will it cost?


We price based on the number of bedrooms in the home. Select the number of bedrooms on our booking page and the price is shown instantly on the website. For

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How many cleaners do you send?


We send adequate cleaners to complete the job in half a day. If it's a standard service for a smaller two-bedroom apartment, one or two of our staff are sufficient.

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