We offer flat rate pricing for all our services but in rare cases when a home requires very heavy duty cleaning, special rules apply. Usually, this happens when there are multiple residents and pets in a home that has not been thoroughly cleaned for a long time. Heavy duty cleaning is needed when conditions are a combination of the following: decomposing food, grease on many surfaces, clutter on many surfaces, strong odor of animals or cigarettes, fur on numerous surfaces, trash scattered around inside the house.

In this special scenario, we would clean as long as we would a regular home of the same size, and hit most of the items on our cleaning checklist. If you’d like us to fulfill everything on our cleaning checklist, you can select our heavy-duty extra when you book. This allows us to allocate more hours, manpower and supplies to give you an unbelievably clean home after we’re done.

*for apartment move outs: If your apartment is far from being empty, please select the Heavy Duty Extra. Our cleaners will help you declutter and bag items to throw before they start cleaning.