Clutter is costly $$$ – from money spent on storage units, to time spent finding what you need when you need it, clutter can drain your wallet and energy. The time and money could be better spent doing what you love with your family and friends. US experts say that, 15-20% of our annual income is drained by disorganized finances:

  • 23% of Americans can’t find their bills and end up paying late, incurring extra charges.
    • In 2014, an estimated $1 billion worth of gift cards were not redeemed because they were misplaced at home.
    • The average community library collects a whopping $182,000 in overdue fines each year from books us folks can’t find or forgot about.
  • More than 10% of households rent storage space to hold their extra stuff.
    • That’s almost $1000 a year on storage space!! You’re paying for things you don’t even get to use(or may never use). It’s no wonder even the home storage products industry has blossomed into a $10.5 billion dollar business.
  • How long do Americans spend each day looking for stuff they own but can’t find? Fifty-Five minutes!
    • Gosh, 55 minutes is more than enough time to watch a re-run of your favorite TV show. But most of us probably give up searching by the 20 minute mark. What happens when you can’t find something? You buy it again. We’ve seen this during our move out cleanings – as many of our clients realize they actually own duplicates of everything from cake pans to iPhone adapters.
  • 25% of food bought gets thrown away
    •  Please check your pantry for food that needs to be eaten soon before they expire. A family of 2 adults and 2 kids wastes up to $2,275 each year.

Chances are, clutter is eating into your income.

If you need help with home cleaning and organization around the Carmel, Fishers or Indianapolis area, just head on over to our Indy website. We’d love to help you remove chaos from your home and your mind. And, we almost always find you money that’s hidden somewhere while cleaning your home or apartment.

Just this past month alone, we have helped six clients clean their homes and clear out items such as old crafting supplies, clothing, shoes, pots and utensils. You pick out the best and donate the rest.