As a college town(Purdue) maid & house cleaning service, we encounter homes from the almost spotless to downright horrible; and clients with all manners of expectations and needs. Being a house cleaner/housemaid/housekeeper – can be rough at times. But … how much are they actually paid?

According to the BLS, maids & housekeepers in Indiana earn on average $10.51 an hour.  This was surprising. For such grueling work day-in-day-out, companies are paying quite frankly, a low wage. Now in Lafayette, some local cleaning business are even advertising wages on Indeed as low as $8/hr. See more: Greater Lafayette, IN wage info.


It’s a problem when your housekeeper, maid or cleaner can’t make enough money to put food on the table. The low wages and difficult work are main reasons why turnover is so higher in this industry. Our experienced ladies have worked in cleaning franchises for years – they said it was very common for new hires to switch jobs after a few months.

At CleanMyTribe, we make booking a house cleaning service incredibly easy – users can check availability, reserve their spot, add extras, leave instructions and pay all on our website. Although services such as ours charge a reasonable rate for the convenience, we tend to pay our teams A LOT better. Moreover, by choosing to conduct our business primarily online, we’ve eliminated many of the additional overheads (e.g. royalties, staff, large office) typically found at a franchise/local company. These savings get passed along to our staff & team, then to you in the form of higher quality cleaning and excellent customer service.

So how much are we paying our maids per hour?

Unlike other local cleaning companies around Purdue, we only pay by the job; hence an efficient team will earn a higher “hourly wage”. On average however, our team members earn a little over $20/hr. Paying above market has only been beneficial, it has helped attract and retain the best people beloved by our clients. Our customers are happy knowing that their team is paid a fair living wage, and are working harder to clean their home as a result. If you’re looking for a quality house cleaning service in the Tippecanoe county, Greater Lafayette area, give us a call!