A severe cold and flu season is upon us here in West Lafayette & Lafayette, IN! If you and your family are taking turns to be sick it may be time to disinfect your home. Even after a full recovery, there is a layer of hidden germs all over your home which needs to be wiped out and here’s how to keep the cold from coming back:

Pillowcases & Bed sheets


When you are ill, you tend to sweat a lot while sleeping. Your bed sheets and pillowcases absorb the extra sweat and even nasal discharge. When the sickness is gone, immediately strip the bed, wash the bedding and replace. If possible, do it in the mornings and leave the stripped mattress air out the entire day. If there is any vomit, discharge, blood or other yucky stuff on the linens, remember to pre-soak in a stain remover before washing. And when possible, use hot water to kill bacteria – if the sheets allow it.

Fresh Air


If it’s not too cold for you (mid 50s here in Lafayette IN), throw open your windows and let in some fresh air. The fresh air will help clear out the stale, dry air that is lingering around the house.



Wipe counters, clean kitchen sinks, refrigerator handle, facets, and drawers. Scrub all mugs and water bottles you’ve used with hot soapy water. Afterwards, sanitize your sponges by simply getting it wet and nuking it for 2 minutes in the microwave. Also, give the garbage cans a good wipe down and replace the garage bag.



Your bathroom needs a disinfecting treatment because germs thrive in the warm and moist environment. Sanitize the counters, toilets and trash can. Towels need to be washed too.

Then, soak your toothbrushes in a hydrogen peroxide for 30 mins to kill any bacteria. Your toothbrush can be a hotbed for germs and harmful bacteria, so do not store your family’s right next to yours. Think about toothpaste, too. The bacteria on your fingers or brush can pass harmful microbes onto the rim of the tube.

High touchpoint areas


Think of how many things your hands touch every day. Probably hundreds. Your phone, keys, computer, the mouse, light switches, remote controls, and doorknobs. That’s a whole lot of germ potential! Wet wipe everything with a microfiber towel and disinfectant. Please, spray the solution on the cloth first before wiping.

Clean up your house after being sick to protect yourself and your loved ones. If it sounds like too much work just call us to schedule a Lafayette House and Apartment Cleaning.