It’s true, carpets are one of the last things on our mind when we’re busy. We neglect to clean up messes immediately or even forget about them altogether. You may be hiring an apartment cleaning service to vacuum the carpets from time to time or do it yourself in the weekends. However, to keep your home looking and smelling great, both regular home cleanings and periodic carpet maintenance are needed.

What’s hiding in your carpets?

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about carpets in an apartment or office, carpets are home to an UNIMAGINABLE amount of nasty things. E.g. dust, dirt, soil, dead-skin, pet dander, pet hair, crumbs, allergens and bacteria. Keep your carpets hygiene levels in check with carpet cleaning on a regular basis. In addition, carpet cleaning removes dust mites and other nasty bugs that can often be found lurking underneath your feet.

How often?

It depends. A carpet in a high-traffic office would need cleaning on more often than one found in a bedroom. In a residential environment, you may have to clean your carpets more than once a year if you have children or pets. Many clients put off carpet cleaning until it’s necessary, sometimes for years.

Homeowners typically call when they are about to list their home for sale. Renters also call only when their close to the end of their lease. Sometimes, we find houses where carpets have turned a darker shade of the original color. Rarely do we get calls immediately after someone soils the carpets.

Regular carpet cleaning is the answer

Regular carpet cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your carpets and the sooner we treat a stain, the easier and likelier we can remove it completely. Frequent vacuuming and yearly professional carpet cleaning is not something we (carpet cleaning companies) came up with, this is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. We are simply there to remove accumulated dirt within the carpets, and keep potential harmful micro-organisms at bay. Giving you a healthier fresher-smelling home.

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