We’ve been providing home cleaning services around Purdue for a while now and trust me, we’ve seen our fair share of nasty toilets. Do you know your phone is 10 times grosser than a toilet seat? Our cleaning ladies who specialize in move-outs may tell you nothing can be worse than a college-town bathroom. That’s … how horrible it is!

Can you remember the last time you left home without your phone? Since your phone is always in your hand or on your person, it gets exposed to all kinds of germs. While doing push ups at the gym you might have left your phone on the floor. Then when you take a shower afterwards you might leave it on the changing room bench. And as you take the bus/train home, you might switch hands as you maintained your balance while scrolling through Facebook. We wash our hands and body before we go to bed but do we “wash” our phones? Imagine rubbing your face against the gym’s floor or the changing room bench or the handrails for days. Please clean that thing up!

Time to clean all the sticky gunk, goop, fuzz and fur off of your devices.

To make the screen on your phone sparkle like the day you bought it, clean it with a slightly damp microfiber or lens cloth. These are the same ones we pros use for home cleaning. Avoid abrasive cloths.

Do not use alcohol wipes or household cleaners because these products might scratch up your screen over time. Water alone works wonders. * Remember to always keep liquids away from the product, just wet a tiny corner of your microfiber towel.

Cleaning up your Phone Case

If you have a case for your phone, there’s probably a ton of gunk hiding there too. Remove your case and look around the edges. A simple microfiber cloth will do the trick.

The Ports

If you think the charger might be broken, it could just be a dirty port. It’s important to keep the ports clean so that the phone charges correctly. Use an ordinary toothpick to fish out fuzz and lint. This trick will also help keep the speakers on your phone squeaky clean.


With your earbuds facing down, take an old toothbrush or any small brush, and brush the earbuds lightly. Once you’re done, you can clean the outside with a little bit of soapy water on a microfiber cloth. Just don’t get water into the actual openings!

Microfiber cloths, toothpicks and a toothbrush can help with cleaning all your electronics! Start your summer off with clean gadgets! However, the best way to prevent your phone from becoming so filthy is simply by WASHING YOUR HANDS.

 Next: Home Cleaning

Once your gadgets are all nice and clean, it’s time to work on cleaning your home. If you need a Purdue home cleaning service, give us a call, we’ll take care of it for you