There are a variety of reasons to hire a company to clean your house. You want help doing the chores, dislike cleaning, want more time for family, and more. However, the main reasons for not hiring one is often costs. This is not true because expert house cleaning providers are a lot cheaper than you would imagine. They also provide specialist supplies and equipment, which means that they are able to do an excellent job of solving even the hardest stains in a quicker time than you.
The misconception many homeowners have about the total costs of hiring a cleaning company is usually caused by past experiences with moving in and out of their homes. A regular service is much cheaper than the yearly moving in or moving out cleanings you require when selling a house. Let’s discuss the top concerns when hiring a cleaning company for your house or apartment.

Hiring a housekeeper directly or a cleaning company?

A range of housekeepers work as single owners of their own companies, but you may be more confident with a bigger cleaning service that works with many providers like an agency.
Here are advantages and disadvantages in hiring various types of cleaning services:

  1. The individual or small setup. A huge advantage in hiring directly is costs since there are little business expenses for a single cleaner. Unfortunately, this is where the advantages end. Most individual cleaners do not work in this industry full-time and their availability and professionalism is untested. You’d be responsible for most of the vetting as well as relevant taxes.
  2. Franchise companies who employ their own staff. These are well-known franchises in the cleaning industry with the best equipment, and they have locations in every city. Unfortunately, due to the high franchise royalties, the local franchisees are forced to charge high rates yet pay low wages to their cleaners(close to min wage for laborious work) – they have an incredibly high turnover rate. Your cleaning crew may be different each month. You will be disappointed if you want the same cleaners entering your home each week.
  3. Agency model cleaning services have been growing fast in many cities across the US. The advantage of an agency referral service is typically a wide range of high-caliber cleaners to select from since they only maintain the best cleaners who work regularly. So when a cleaner might not produce the results you want, it’s still easy to turn to a cleaner that’s skilled and highly qualified. It’s the best time-saving choice available.

CleanMyTribe operates on an agency model. We are responsible for ensuring the cleaners are background checked and maintain a high standard of service, before even considering their skills and experience with cleaning homes. We help cleaners fill up their week with great clients who stick with them for years to come, and if they need ever feel like taking a break, we help cover their jobs until they return. Our cleaners are compensated well for their services and turnover is minimal. This is a wonderful balance between costs, quality and availability. Our purpose is to make booking a cleaning service a seamless experience for you!

Regardless of which option you choose, for your safety, please ensure that the companies are licensed, registered, insured, and bonded. If the housekeeper breaks or damages anything in your house, it will be reimbursed by their insurance. If the housekeeper gets injured while at work you are protected from liability too.

Of course, it’s easier said than done to find a reliable company with a verified track record. Start by looking through online sources since you can view the business’s history, customer feedback on various websites like Yelp and Google. Sometimes, looking at which company is ranked high online can be a good indicator of reliability. The top companies work hard on their marketing and go above and beyond to deliver the best customer experiences.

Can I be home while someone cleans my apartment? What about my pets?


Keep your pets safe while the house cleaners are working.

That ranges from business to business, so review the small print when you make your bookings. Some companies insist their customers need to be present and to sign a document, others do not. On the other hand, we have companies who want all tenants (including pets) to remain out of the property for the entire duration of the service to eliminate disruptions, and to allow a more comprehensive clean-up.

If you have pets, ensure the company is mindful of your four-legged companions. Some cleaners may have dog or cat allergies so it is crucial to give them a heads up. Most companies will be able to send you teams who are comfortable with well-mannered pets and have no issues giving them a nice rub while ensuring their safety.

There are clear benefits to hiring home cleaning helpers with CleanMyTribe:

  • The cleaning chore is done on a schedule that fits your home and family’s needs. A professional house cleaning service gives proper care & respect for your property, home furnishings, valuables and your requests. Your service contract with the company shall include a support system for any issues, cleaning related or otherwise.
  • Cleaning your house can be overwhelming, especially when you have a ton of other things on your plate. Let the experts who clean professionally take care of it.
  • Choose a company where turnover is low. This means their cleaners performance well and know how to satisfy customers household needs. For CleanMyTribe, we allocate cleaners to the same household for all repeat services. They’re assigned to you unless you choose to switch and we’ll be happy to match you up with a more suitable team.

Professional Results – Without a Rush

Our cleaners at CleanMyTribe are not assigned to dozens of homes each day, we have a cap on the maximum number of jobs each cleaner can work on each day. The teams aren’t tired out by the time they arrive, and will have ample time to work on your home. We expect our cleaning providers to deliver outstanding results regularly.

Efficient Cleaning Systems

Do you spend tremendous amounts of time on dusting, mopping and wiping down surfaces? The professionals have a clear structure of cleaning from top to bottom, avoiding time wasted on re-cleaning any surfaces. Efficient and effective cleaning systems are how we remain profitable.
These processes allow us to be in and out of your home much quicker yet getting more done than you could on your own.

Still thinking?hassle-hiring-cleaning-company

Your house is a complex animal. The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen(s), floors, stainless steel appliances all require unique handling based on the type of dirt and their inherent surface properties. Without the right tools and experience, it’s easy to damage your beautiful home by accident. We want to take the hassle and worries away.

From one time to recurring, to moving in or out, we can be your reliable house cleaning and maid services company. We even offer carpet cleaning services that can be added on a quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly basis. All your household cleaning needs are truly covered when you hire CleanMyTribe. Book or Call us today!